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Our Approach to Care

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At American Family Care, we believe that getting quality medical treatment should be effective and simple. This means that we devote every effort to staffing our clinics with highly-trained medical professionals. We help our franchisees access the resources they need to identify highly-qualified clinicians and doctors to keep their clinic running smoothly. We believe that training and education should be an ongoing effort for all of our staff members, and we work to ensure that our franchisees and the clinicians who staff their locations have access to professional development to ensure best practices. Finally, we believe in utilizing the very latest in technology to increase the quality of care our patients receive. We regularly conduct research and development to ensure that our franchisees have access to the latest medical technologies.

AFC’s approach to quality care is multi-faceted. We also believe that having a positive experience is part of receiving quality care, which is why we make convenience and accessibility the hallmark of our brand. Our patients know that we’ll be there when they need us, and that they can look forward to a simplified medical experience. Rather than sit through lengthy ER wait times, our patients love that on average, they can be in and out of one of our clinics within just one hour. With convenient hours and locations, comprehensive services, and on-site pharmacies, we strive to create the most comfortable and positive experience possible for our patients. As you can see, we strive to make quality medical treatment simple. These are just a few of the reasons that AFC patients have made us a leader in our industry.

The AFC Difference

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