Opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic

Franchise Opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic Region

The time is now to invest in the urgent care industry!

Invest in a Booming Franchise Industry

There’s never been a better time to invest in the urgent care industry, and we’re looking for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs to open American Family Care locations in the Mid-Atlantic region – specifically New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Both states have large populations and thriving commerce opportunities to supplement their rich cultural histories, making them both a popular place to live and to run a business, as well as popular tourist areas.

A Need for Urgent Care

It’s no surprise that the urgent care industry is booming, but it’s time that the Mid-Atlantic region saw an increase in what the rest of the country is already embracing: more urgent care facilities and, in turn, availability of care.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the statistics regarding Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s healthcare needs:

  • Pennsylvania ranks in the bottom half of hospitals per capita among the 50 states at just .16 hospitals for every 10,000 residents, while New Jersey ranks terribly as second-worst in the nation at just .089. Both numbers rank well below the national average of .2, and far below the nation’s leaders at .64.
  • These low numbers lead to longer waits and overwhelmed emergency departments, especially for patients with non-emergency medical needs that are still considered urgent.
  • Sometimes, it leads to people simply avoiding getting the care they need altogether instead of suffering long waits and high prices in emergency rooms. Pennsylvania ranks 17th in Emergency Room visits per 1,000 residents, with over 40 percent reporting an ER visit. New Jersey is not far behind, with over one-third of the population reporting an ER visit. Studies have shown that on average, over 70 percent of all emergency department visits are unnecessary.
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