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4 Reasons People Use American Family Care

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If you are thinking about buying a healthcare franchise, then there are few better franchises out there that you can invest in than American Family Care. Besides the fact that we provide all of our franchise owners with full support before, during and after the opening of your AFC site and help to put your franchise in the best position possible to be effective, you’ll also benefit from the fact that many people choose to come to American Family Care for their healthcare needs. The following are four of the main reasons why people use American Family Care:

1. A Healthcare Offers a Comprehensive Range of Services

We can handle almost all of the services that a primary care physician might offer in addition to most of the non-threatening treatments that an emergency room might offer. This includes the following services:

  • Illnesses We can diagnose and treat illnesses of all kinds, from ear infections or strep throat to bronchitis or the stomach flu and more.
  • Injuries We can treat non-life threatening injuries that you might go to an emergency room for, such as broken bones, fractures, cuts and complex lacerations.
  • Medication Our skilled and experienced physicians can prescribe medication to help treat chronic illnesses, from diabetes and arthritis to gout and hypertension.
  • Pediatric Medicine – We have the ability to provide infants, toddlers and teens with the medical attention and treatment they need for all non-threatening injuries and illnesses.
  • Preventative Care – We have on-site laboratories that allow us to provide preventative care services.
  • Employment Screenings – Patients need to show their eligibility to work certain jobs for a variety of reasons, and our physicians can perform necessary tests.
  • Physicals – Our doctors and nurses regularly provide standard physicals on our patients. Anything from sports participation to school attendance can require a physical, and patients can trust our experience.

The bottom line is AFC provides accessible primary care to the communities we serve.

2. We Offer Patients a One Stop Shop

Besides the wide range of services that can eliminate the need to visit a primary care physician or to visit the emergency room at the nearest hospital, we also have a laboratory and a digital X-ray machine—and some of our sites even have on-site pharmacies.

Some primary doctor physicians may send you from their office to the hospital for lab work, then back to their office before finally sending you to a pharmacy to pick up prescribed medications. At some of our urgent care facilities, our patients are able to take care of everything at just a single location—our American Family Care center!

3. We Offer Patients Convenience

Many patients find it incredibly challenging and inconvenient to see a medical professional. For example, a patient dealing with an unknown illness may not be able to schedule an appointment with their primary care physician for an entire week or more because of conflicting schedules.

At our centers, patients can walk in at their convenience, no appointment needed. Additionally, an AFC healthcare franchise offers extended hours, seven days a week, unlike most primary care doctors. This type of convenience and weekend accessibility simply isn’t available elsewhere.

4. We Are More Affordable Than Other Options

Doctor visits can be quite pricey—as can visits to the emergency room. While patients who are experiencing life threatening injuries and illnesses should always be taken to the emergency room (severe burns, heart attack and anything life-threatening) we can handle many injuries that have to be treated right away at our urgent care facilities, such as broken bones, lacerations and other non-life threatening injuries.

Going to the emergency room for these injuries can cause severe debt depending on your insurance—here at American Family Care, the costs are substantially lower. Additionally, most insurance plans and Medicare are accepted at our centers.

These are four of the main reasons why so many people turn to American Family Care for their healthcare needs. For more information about our healthcare franchise, contact us at American Family Care today.


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