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The current coronavirus crisis is proving the power of the American Family Care franchise model. American Family Care (AFC), the nation’s leading provider of urgent care and accessible primary care, has taken bold steps in its approach to the pandemic with the launch of several new tools that will not only benefit patients, but also its hundreds of its franchisees.

AFC/TeleCare is now operational, systemwide. This telemedicine portal allows medical providers in the American Family Care network of nationwide healthcare clinics to provide virtual visits to patients, including assessment/screening of COVID-19 symptoms or any other healthcare problems, such as acute illnesses and trauma, help managing chronic illness and prescription medication as needed all from the safety of their home.

AFC is also the first healthcare provider in the nation to provide the fastest available molecular point-of-care test for the detection of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus — a test that delivers results in as little as five minutes.

Adapt and Act

AFC’s strategic implementation of its telemedicine platform and the new COVID-19 testing are examples of the level of commitment and support AFC gives franchisees to provide them with new revenue streams as they navigate this current economic crisis — which also happens to be a healthcare crisis.

The steps AFC has taken to ensure the future success of its franchisees comes at a critical moment in our country. The coronavirus crisis marks the first time public health officials shifted their stance on telemedicine. They now urge Americans to use the service to discuss their symptoms rather than rush into healthcare facilities.

As the concern about the virus and its potential impact on AFC’s franchisees’ bottom line became clear, the corporate team moved quickly to secure a telemedicine vendor for the entire system — paying for the service for the entire system until the crisis eases. Even then, the cost of the platform will be greatly reduced, thanks to the deal negotiated by the corporate team.

Healthcare providers working without a telemedicine option in place are struggling as the coronavirus outbreak advances across the nation. Independent operators don’t have the support of a franchise network that can pool resources and make necessary changes to adapt to economic swings. Because of this, thousands of primary care practices and independent healthcare facilities are on financial life support as patient volume dwindles due to the reductions of in-office visits — a trend which was in place even before the pandemic due to long wait times, no walk-in appointments available and lessening loyalty towards PCPs.

Size Matters

Thanks to the size of AFC and an established relationship, Abbott Laboratories turned to AFC to be the launching pad for the much anticipated rapid COVID-19 tests. Since the tests went live, patient volume has more than doubled. For example, the AFC locations in Long Island offering the tests went from seeing an average of 40 patients a day to seeing 100 patients.

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) needs to shift its approach to battling the virus, AFC is there to do it with them. That’s because AFC is coast-to-coast — corner-to-corner. Not even large hospital systems have this extensive of a national presence.

AFC takes a proactive approach in finding new ways to bring in new business for franchisees — in good economic times and bad — leveraging purchasing power and key relationships to make things happen.

If you’d like to find out more about AFC and what we bring to the healthcare industry, get in touch with us today!


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