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AFC – Virtual Discovery Day

American Family Care

While the COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed some companies, American Family Care (AFC) is quick to adapt to the new normal to ensure the franchise can operate as close to business-as-usual as a business can get during these uncertain times.

This unprecedented crisis has prompted the nation’s leading provider of urgent care and accessible primary care to use the power of technology to get around the “social distancing” and “stay-at-home”  policies that threatened to derail one of the most important days in a potential franchisee’s journey — Discovery Day.

Now AFC is delivering a virtual Discovery Day to all prospects.

“We know how important it is for our prospects to hear how our system operates, learn about our culture, interact with our team and ask questions to gain knowledge, so they can make an informed decision about opening an AFC franchise, ” explains Sean Hart, Vice President of Sales and Development at American Family Care. “Luckily, in a very short amount of time, we’ve figured out a way to replicate our Discovery Day virtually.”

Discovery Day is typically the final step in the approval process for prospective franchisees and often occurs after a period of due diligence. It is an opportunity to meet the key team members of the franchise and ultimately decide if the brand is the right fit.

Prospective franchisees are first sent a series of webinars that include an introduction to the company, an outline of the operations, and an overview of construction.

Once those materials are reviewed, participants are invited to join a Zoom call where members of the AFC team, including the C-suite and Bruce Irwin, MD, Founder and CEO of American Family Care, are in attendance to talk about the opportunity and interact with prospective franchisees and answer questions.

A virtual tour of an AFC clinic will soon be added to the online Discovery Day process, complete with an interactive blueprint that will give people a better understanding of the layout of a clinic.

AFC will continue to offer Virtual Discovery Days in addition to traditional Discovery Days even after the social distancing orders are lifted. This will allow AFC to accommodate even more people interested in the booming healthcare industry.

AFC was careful to choose the right platform for the presentation — opting for Zoom. The company favored the platform’s ability to allow for a large number of participants to join at once, see each other in a group, and interact.

The Virtual Discovery Day process is just one of the several new tools created by AFC to adapt to the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Shortly after the COVID-19 threat began to spread, AFC launched AFC/TeleCare — a telemedicine portal that allows medical providers in the American Family Care network of nationwide healthcare clinics to provide virtual visits to patients, including assessment/screening of COVID-19 symptoms or any other healthcare problems, such as acute illnesses and trauma, help managing chronic illness and prescription medication as needed, all from the safety of their home.

AFC is also the first healthcare provider in the nation to provide the rapid COVID-19 test — which delivers results in as little as five minutes.

This ability to innovate and adapt quickly not only benefits patients but also the hundreds of franchisees in the AFC system.

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