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Are You Cut Out For AFC Franchising? Here’s What We Look For

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Deciding to plunge into AFC franchising is a huge career move, and it’s important to make sure that move is right for you. A big part of that is learning what it takes to operate an urgent care franchise and determining whether or not you’re a good fit. Opening a franchise in the urgent care space means entering an exciting, ever-evolving field, but you should also be prepared for the substantial investment and unique demands of the industry. Regardless of your background, you won’t have all the answers in the beginning — that’s why it’s imperative that you take advantage of our suite of resources designed to make the franchise process smoother. Fully understanding the investment, realizing the benefits of our proven training system, and possessing a calm, compassionate attitude are key to your success in AFC franchising.



The cost of a medical franchise can seem daunting, but it’s important to remember that the point of any investment is to reap its rewards. Before you decide to franchise with us, you need to have a complete understanding of what the investment entails. We keep our startup fees as low as possible to maximize your financial flexibility when launching your business. Our franchise fee is $60,000 with ongoing modest royalty payments. The total investment in a new facility is higher, but if you’re considering converting an existing urgent care facility to an AFC franchise, you might be able to save a significant sum on location costs. Entering AFC franchising with a complete picture of the investment will put you at a true advantage as you start your business. 


Take Advantage of our Training

Entrepreneurs tend to be very independent and are sometimes reluctant to accept any guidelines or training procedures put in place by a franchisor. However, to succeed in AFC franchising it’s important that you are willing to learn from us, take advantage of our support and resources, and know when to ask for help. New franchisees are assigned one of our Franchise Business Consultants, and enjoy a helpful pre-opening package, so they’re sufficiently prepared to launch their franchise.


In addition to our Franchise Business Consultants and location scouting experts, we offer a full suite of franchise support tools, including:

    • Customized business management software for patient intake, and scheduling.
    • Billing services provided by approved vendors
    • A comprehensive operations manual covering our policies and procedures
    • Marketing materials
    • Licensing and credentialing assistance
    • Ongoing training programs aimed at professional development
    • Private intranet site


The Right Temperament 

When considering whether new franchisees are a good fit for AFC franchising, we want to make sure they’re a good personality match. In the urgent care industry, business owners must deal with employees and patients of varying needs and temperaments, so it’s important to find a franchisee who’s up to the challenge. Given the field you’ve chosen, you must also be sensitive to patient needs, have enough compassion to empathize with problems that may arise with patients and staff, and handle those problems calmly. Above all else, we ask our new franchisees to be highly motivated, personable, good communicators, good listeners and learners, and passionate about helping their community. 

If AFC franchising sounds like a good fit for you, learn more about the opportunity here.


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