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Benefits of our Strategic Partnerships at AFC

Strategic partnerships at AFC

While we do our best to serve our customers independently, it’s always easier when we have partners to share some of the load. Whether it’s being able to accept a broader range of health care coverage, so we can serve a wider audience, or franchising with urgent care centers of similar vision, we place a high value on our strategic partnerships at AFC. As a prospective franchise owner, these partnerships are important to be aware of, especially as you consider the network of support around you, and the resources available to you. Whether it’s our wide array of health network partners, or institutions that provide important services we can’t, these strategic partnerships set AFC apart from the rest.


In affiliation with Baptist Health, PriMed has terminated a previous agreement with another urgent care operator to work full-time with AFC. We have nine clinics now branded as AFC PriMed in Montgomery, Alabama, including three original AFC clinics plus four new PriMed clinics.

South Carolina

Bon Secours Health System has greatly helped our expansion in South Carolina, purchasing four franchise agreements (four new clinics) in the Greenville area. They also entered an Area Development Agreement with us, for the exclusive rights to develop an additional four franchises in the Greenville area.


Vanderbilt Health is an affiliated healthcare network, which serves as our only outside physician group in our primary care network.


We have exclusive agreements with Steward to provide radiology and lab support services, assistance with physician staffing, and a joint marketing partnership. AFC is the exclusive urgent care provider within defined geographic areas, and Steward functions as our preferred provider for specialist referrals and diagnostic services.


In Missouri, we partner with Saint Francis Medical Center in our marketing efforts. This mutually beneficial relationship is founded on a healthy exchange of ideas, which ultimately makes our marketing campaigns more sophisticated.

Other Partnerships

To really expedite the expansion of our business model, we partnered with American Development Partners back in 2017 to work toward our goal of opening 300 additional AFC locations across several markets. ADP works with new and existing franchisees, investing up to $1 billion in the development of new locations, overseeing construction, financing development, and generally making the  franchise process easier across the board.

To learn more about strategic partnerships at AFC, and take advantage of our wide-ranging business connections, reach out to our  franchise  team today.



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