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Dedication, Hard Work, and Passion: The Recipe for a Flourishing Medical Franchise

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Running a medical franchise is a big undertaking, and before making this huge career move, you should understand the responsibilities of the job. A franchisee in the urgent care space is signing up to enter an exciting, ever-changing and growing field; however, you should also realize the substantial investment and time commitment. You should understand that you won’t have all the answers in the beginning, and be prepared to take advantage of our extensive suite of resources on-hand for new franchisees. Just as you are conducting research to determine which franchise is the best fit for you, we also want to make sure you’re completely informed about everything a new medical franchise entails so that we can welcome you into our family with confidence.

Be Prepared for the Investment

The costs of a medical franchise can seem daunting, but it’s important to remember that the point of any investment is to reap its rewards. We keep our startup fees a low as possible, to give you greater flexibility in launching your business. While the total investment is higher, it’s important to note that if you’re converting an existing urgent care facility into an American Family Care location, you will be able to save a significant sum on location costs. Fortunately, location scouting is only one of the many areas in which our team assists you.

Take Advantage of Our Training

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” but we want franchisees who are willing to learn and to ask for help. New franchisees are assigned one of our Franchise Business Consultants and are given access to a helpful pre-opening package so that they’re beyond prepared to launch their franchise and feel supported long after the grand opening.

In addition to our Franchise Business Consultants and our location scouting experts, we offer a comprehensive package of franchise support tools, including:

  • Customized business management software for patient-intake, scheduling, and payroll
  • Billing services provided by approved vendors
  • Comprehensive operations manual covering recruiting procedures in detail
  • Marketing materials
  • Licensing and credentialing assistance
  • Ongoing training programs aimed at professional development
  • Staffing and physician recruiting services
  • Private intranet site

We want our franchisees to take full advantage of our suite of training resources!

A Good Fit for a Medical Franchise

Just like when you choose a new doctor and you want to make sure they’re capable, caring, and a good personality match, we consider the same criteria when accepting new franchisees. Particularly in the urgent care industry where business owners must  manage employees and patients of varying needs and temperaments, it’s important to find a franchisee  who is up to the challenge. Above all else, we ask our new business partners to be highly motivated, personable, good communicators, good listeners and learners, and passionate about helping their community.

If this sounds like you, contact us today to learn more about an AFC medical franchise opportunity here.


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