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Why You Don’t Need Experience in the Medical Field to Open an Urgent Care Center

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If you’ve never owned a franchise before or worked in the medical industry, it can be difficult to imagine yourself owning an urgent care center. However, many of our franchisees open their first American Family Care franchise without any prior experience. We’ve put the necessary infrastructure in place to make it easy for franchises of all backgrounds to transition into the urgent care industry. Our established business model, and thorough training programs and support system, will make your franchise startup experience smooth, and give you the confidence you need to succeed in your new career.

Our Proven Model

One of the biggest comforts to new franchisees is our proven business model, built on decades of operational experience. From the pre-opening task list to the startup-up kit, to site location and build out, to software installation and integrated payroll/benefit services, we give you the framework and guidelines to run a successful franchise from day one. We’ve put this infrastructure in place so you can focus on building your business without worrying about the operational details. You will also have access to our regional Franchise Business Consultants. They have substantial sales and marketing backgrounds and will be available to assist you at every stage of the process. Beyond simply startup assistance, we also offer a comprehensive marketing roadmap, designed to maximize your exposure and spread brand awareness in your local area.

Comprehensive Training

Despite our built-in guidelines and infrastructure, you’re still going to have questions. You should always feel comfortable reaching out to us for help and advice and maintain a steady desire to continue learning all about the urgent care center industry. As a new franchisee, you will be paired with one of our Franchise Business Consultants and given a pre-opening package, to ensure that you’re thoroughly prepared to launch your franchise.

Our package of franchise support tools includes:

  • Business management software for patient-intake, scheduling, and payroll
  • Billing services provided by approved vendors
  • A comprehensive operations manual covering recruiting procedures in detail
  • Marketing materials
  • Licensing and credentialing assistance
  • Ongoing training programs aimed at professional development
  • Staffing and physician recruiting services
  • Private intranet site

We find that our most profitable franchisees are those who take full advantage of our support services, aren’t afraid to ask questions, and are eager to learn the nuances of running an urgent care center.

The Qualities of a Good Urgent Care Center Franchisee

Having the right personality traits for running an urgent care franchise is as important as anything else. When we welcome new franchisees into our family, we want to make sure they have what it takes. In the urgent care industry, business owners must deal with employees and patients of varying needs and temperaments, demonstrate compassion, transparency, and understanding, and be passionate about giving back to the local community. Before starting an urgent care center, it’s important to ask yourself if you’re up to the challenge.

If you think starting an urgent care center with American Family Care is right for you, reach out to us today to learn more or get started.


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