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Why an Emergency Care Franchise is a Welcome Change from Corporate Life

Emergency care franchise

If you’re like many people who are considering franchising, you probably come from a corporate background, and wondering about the best way to break free of it. You might even be wondering if franchising is the right path, or if it’s better to start your own business totally from scratch. Owning your own business will always give you more independence than working in the corporate sphere, but franchising, in particular, puts you in a great position to hit the ground running. Here’s what sets an American Family Care emergency care franchise apart from the corporate world.


Unrivaled Independence

The best part about franchising – and what attracts many new franchisees to the industry – is the flexibility. If you’re tired of constantly working on someone else’s schedule, running your own emergency care franchise is the best way to do it. Once your clinic is up and running, we want you to be able to make the important decisions for yourself, such as what tasks you’d like to manage yourself versus delegate to others. We strive to make the transition between your corporate environment and your franchise as smooth as possible, and that means giving you the freedom to dictate your own workday. As long as your franchise responsibilities are being taken care of, you’ll have the ability to work whenever you want, and make decisions without the hassle of an HR department or boss micromanaging your schedule. 


Our Support Infrastructure

The corporate world can seem comfortable, because you have supervisors and bosses who manage your workflow and are there to answer your questions. An emergency care franchise with American Family Care, however, doesn’t require you to go it alone. We offer our franchisees comprehensive support before and after opening your clinics, including assistance with mastering the ins and outs of the industry, finding and recruiting highly-qualified care providers, marketing the business, and more. Not only will you take part in formal classroom training at our headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, we’ll also join you right at your location to make sure you’re actually applying what you’ve learned. 

Filling a Market Gap

One of the worst parts about the corporate grind is that you often don’t feel like you’re actually making a positive difference in the world, or doing anything personally fulfilling with your career. That’s not the case here. Our emergency care franchises offer services that ER patients desperately need, but can’t access in a timely manner at their local emergency rooms. Our services are more affordable, more expedient, and provide real value to communities that are sick of long ER wait times and inadequate care. 


Explore our website to learn more about how our emergency care franchise opportunity is the perfect option for someone transitioning away from a corporate career.



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