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Finding a Footing in Franchising

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When looking into the world of franchising, it can be hard to know where to start. However, the great thing about franchising is that you can follow your passion, which is exactly what Tim Groves, CEO at Groves Enterprises, Inc., did.

While he didn’t have experience in health care, Groves didn’t let that stop him from investing in a franchise and a mission he believes in.

In doing so, he now operates a number of AFC Urgent Care Centers in upstate South Carolina—continuing to live his dream of being his own boss.

He offers some perspective on he began his journey with American Family Care.

Why Did You Decide to Explore Franchising?

After spending a number of years working in the corporate world with several companies, I felt it was time to move on in my career. I wanted to do something entrepreneurial so that I could take on the role of being my own boss.

In working with a franchise broker, I was able to learn more about the opportunity to franchise with American Family Care.

Did You Have Healthcare Experience?

Although I didn’t have experience working in health care, I did have experience with health care as a parent. Having taken my small children to the emergency room several times, I felt urgent care was a better option for parents, especially when it came to minor illnesses and injuries.

I wanted to be a part of providing parents another option when needing medical care for not only themselves but also for their children. American Family Care, I felt, was the perfect solution.

What Are the Benefits of Working With the AFC Organization?

When I first invested in American Family Care, it was known as Doctors Express and just starting out. I liked the idea of being in at the beginning.

Through working as a franchisee of the organization and now as part of American Family Care, I have enjoyed the opportunity to receive lots of support materials for training on the intranet, as well as networking with a number of experienced franchisees, which has also been extremely helpful.

In addition, the franchisee network is as big a resource as the corporate office. It is filled with lots of very smart, experienced business people who are very willing to assist when asked. You definitely are able to be your own boss while not being left out in the cold alone.

What Has Been the Most Rewarding Part of Being an AFC Franchisee?

I have enjoyed being able to grow our presence in the market from zero in 2010 to what will be 14 by the end of 2019, which has ended up in us creating more than 150 jobs.

Are you looking to invest in a franchise that will support you as much as you support it? Look no further than American Family Care. Here, we are a team!


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