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Finding a Second Home With American Family Care

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When you are investing in a franchise, you want a place that feels like home, especially since you will be spending a good deal of time getting your franchise up off the ground.

For Guru Sankar, that second home was American Family Care. Read on as he offers some perspective about his decision to join the AFC team.

Q: Why Did You Decide to Explore Franchising?

Sankar: This might sound cliche, but it really was serendipitous!

At the time, I was looking to buy a business. Through franchise broker Rhino7, I was pitched American Family Care. The rest—as they would say—is history!

Q: Did You Have Any Healthcare Experience?

Sankar: While I did not have much experience in the healthcare field, I did have a passion. The urgent care franchise concept really interested me, and I was excited to learn that American Family Care provided the operational tools necessary to get my feet wet within the business.

From the start, I was given the training, operational models, help with purchasing, location analysis and other tools needed so that I felt comfortable and not alone when first starting in urgent care.

Q: What Are the Biggest Benefits of Working With AFC?

Sankar: The caliber of people I was able to work with through investing in an American Family Care franchise is like no other. It was a great opportunity to learn the best-known methods from an exceptional group of professionals.

The franchisees tend to be highly accomplished individuals, and I am honored to be a part of the team. The camaraderie and the collaboration with the fellow franchisees is unmatched.

Q: What Specific Challenges Have You Faced and Overcome With AFC’s Help?

Sankar: To date, physician compensation seems to be the biggest challenge I have run into within the franchise.

We wanted to create a model that paid the physicians a market competitive wage but also ensured that it was commensurate with their productivity. Fortunately, we were literally able to copy a compensation model from the franchisor that achieved this objective.

Are you ready to take a chance with American Family Care franchising? Contact our team today to learn how we can get started working together and improving the health of your community!


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