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What Are Some of the Services Your AFC Franchise Will Offer?

franchise opportunities in healthcare

Perhaps now more than ever before, Americans are paying closer attention to their health — which makes franchise opportunities in healthcare something to seriously consider. Millions of communities across the country are relying on medical professionals in their area to meet their health needs, and to address today’s historic concerns. The healthcare personnel at each and every one of our American Family Care (AFC) locations are certainly no strangers to being needed. Here, we’ll look at a few of the important services you’ll be able to provide your community when you partner with us as a franchisee.

Lab Tests

Testing, testing, testing — given today’s environment, we seem to hear that a lot. But testing for illnesses like the flu and strep throat, as well as for common STDs or more complicated issues like arthritis, mononucleosis, and thyroid-related illnesses is nothing new for our AFC partners. Our labs are outfitted with high-end technology that allows us to perform important lab services on a walk-in basis, quickly and affordably. This ability to resolve a community’s health concerns efficiently and without an appointment is just one differentiator that separates us from the other franchise opportunities in healthcare that are out there.

Physical Exams

Staying healthy year-round requires one to plan ahead a little and take one’s responsibility to one’s health seriously. Our board-certified AFC physicians are on hand to help with that. They can perform important physical exams to make sure the members of your community are in good health and don’t have any conditions that may lead to life-threatening illnesses. Your AFC franchise location will become an important place for people to monitor their health, scheduling their physicals ahead of time, or with no appointment necessary.

Treatment for Illnesses, Injuries, and Accidents

Common issues like ear infections, bronchitis, strep throat, or the stomach flu are illnesses everyone has suffered from at some point in their lives — and too often when burdened by such health issues, people are forced to rely on their local emergency rooms for treatment. But not so when you open an AFC franchise in your community. As the owner of our respected healthcare clinics, the providers you work with will be able to diagnose and treat these common illnesses, and many more, as well as non-life-threatening injuries like broken bones and fractures, complex lacerations and cuts, whiplash, back pain, joint pains, and more. All our centers are conveniently open seven days a week with extended hours, and accept most major health insurance plans, making them convenient and affordable places to visit when urgent care is needed.

Our Franchise Opportunity in Healthcare

From serious illnesses and injuries, to preventative care and pediatric medicine, when you open your healthcare center with us, you’ll be able to provide important treatments and services to a wide variety of patients. All our clinics are staffed with highly-trained medical professionals, and we make sure to help our franchisees find the well-qualified clinicians and doctors they’ll need to keep their clinics the first place people think of when they need exceptional and responsive healthcare.


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