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From Entrepreneur to Business Owner: How Your Dreams Can Be Realized with an AFC Franchise

how to start an urgent care franchise

How to Start an Urgent Care Franchise

From Day 1, opening your own business means sink or swim. More often than not, small businesses fall short when competing against their larger corporate opposition. Competition among small business is fierce, but with a name-brand player like American Family Care (AFC) climbing the ranks of the franchise ladder and becoming a household brand in the urgent care industry, there’s a much more reliable option available when it comes to how to start an urgent care franchise.

Entrepreneurs are investing in franchises like American Family Care with increasing frequency because with a franchise model, the success rate is higher than opening a business on your own – mainly due to the benefits that come with franchise ownership. AFC is no different, as our industry-leading franchisee support is one of the most appealing reasons to invest in an American Family Care franchise.

Here’s a closer look at how investing in AFC can help make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Clients Will Know Who You Are

Especially in the urgent care industry, having a well-known brand name can make a huge difference in your business. When in situations that require urgent care, people want to go somewhere they can trust to provide them with the proper care. Due to the training, support and business model that AFC offers, people know they will be in good hands regardless of the center they visit.

You Don’t Need to Create a Business Model

One of the best things about investing in a franchise as opposed to starting your own business, is that you do not need to create your own business model from scratch. Furthermore, AFC has made it even easier by creating a turn-key business model that is adjustable to fit your specific location. This takes a certain amount of stress off of owners, and instead allows franchisees to focus on other aspects of growing their business and revenue.

Top-of-the-Line Training

In addition to a proven business model, AFC also offers training in the urgent care industry to prepare you for your journey. One of the biggest challenges of first-time business owners is starting from scratch without any blueprints to guide you. But when you invest in an American Family Care franchise, you’re investing in our proven business model as well. Thanks to our top-notch training, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the industry as well as owning a franchise and what to expect, all while having a supportive, reputable brand to lean on.

You Have Support Every Step of the Way

Following training, AFC offers support to all their franchisees for the life of their business. This support includes answering questions to the best of our ability and providing expert insight throughout to guide our franchisees through the process of launching and growing their franchise unit. Plus, AFC franchisees have 24/7 access to our support resources, which means no matter when your problem might arise, we’ll have a way to help.

For more information on franchising with American Family Care, contact us today.


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