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Helping People Through Franchising

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There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.—John Holmes

When you can make an impact in the world, that is something of immeasurable value. Jack Fromm, American Family Care franchisee, has found a way to make an impact through franchising with American Family Care.

Taking a Step Into Healthcare Franchising

While Fromm didn’t have any healthcare experience per se before becoming an AFC franchisee, he did have 50-plus years of being a patient. Therefore, he knew from his own experience what is often missing in terms of exceptional patient care.

“By being a patient in various medical settings, I knew our teams’ demand for customer service would translate into success,” Fromm says. “I wanted to truly help people, and this organization has allowed me the opportunity to make a difference in the care patients receive when they come to us sick, hurting or injured.”

Having the Right Support System

“I had multi-unit operational experience,” Fromm says. “Therefore, I was confident that myself and my partner, Larry Kuglar, who originally founded this franchise platform, could provide exceptional customer service in this space that historically had poor customer service and business operations influenced by medical personnel who had little to no operations knowledge/experience.”

While Fromm knew he could make a difference from a customer service perspective, he also knew that he would need knowledge and guidance from the healthcare perspective.

“As I understood, Doctors Express [previous owner of the American Family Care Franchise System] was the ‘only’ urgent care franchise company in existence in the United States,” Fromm says. “Kuglar and I knew that based on our limited knowledge in the medical industry that some back office guidance and assistance would be important to our overall plan for success.”

Fortunately, American Family Care doesn’t leave franchisees on their own. The organizational team is available and dedicated to continual improvement in providing support, which most franchisees agree has improved since the organization transitioned from Doctors Express to American Family Care.

As Fromm and Kuglar step into the future as franchisees with multiple AFC locations, that support is something that remains invaluable.

Are you ready to make a difference? Find out how you can make an impact as a franchisee within the American Family Care franchising family.


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