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How Opening an AFC Franchise Differs from Opening Your Own Business

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Many entrepreneurs think that starting a business means you have to set out independently and start that business from scratch. However, starting a business from scratch presents many obstacles and expenses that can be difficult to calculate and overcome. You will likely be totally on your own, without a well-established business plan or any guidelines for success. In franchising, however, you’ll be settling into an established and time-tested system, with support mechanisms already in place to guide you on your way. Entrepreneurs must also contend with an investment that’s potentially not well-defined, the struggle of making connections in an unfamiliar industry, navigating a difficult financial landscape, and coming up with a new, viable business model. When you start an AFC franchise, however, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of our franchise support and built-in business model, and avoid many of these hurdles.


A Proven Business Model

Starting an AFC franchise means being able to take advantage of an established business model. With our brand, you don’t need to worry about whether the market exists for your services, whether your idea is viable, or how to build the foundations of your business. We understand the obstacles, and have created a support system designed to help our franchisees overcome them. 

No Experience Needed

Since the franchise system comes with a built-in framework, as well as strong marketing and business operations resources, it’s easy for someone with little business experience to slide into their new role as a franchisee. We give you the resources and support necessary to make you feel right at home in an unfamiliar industry. As long as you are self-motivated, a good communicator, compassionate, and dedicated to mastering our business model, you will be well-positioned to succeed. 


Smaller Financial Commitment

Starting a business from scratch can require a massive and difficult-to-forecast investment, while the financial boundaries of an AFC franchises are much more clearly-defined. Our investment numbers can be easily found our website, as well as a description of what resources that investment will entitle you to.

When you start a business independently, however, estimating costs can be much more challenging. Entrepreneurs often struggle to obtain financing in the first place, and once they’ve gotten it unexpected costs can easily crop up. Why figure it all out yourself when you could partner with a brand that has years of experience getting new locations up and running? Our expertise has allowed us to more clearly anticipate necessary expenses.


A Great Track Record

Of course, countless entrepreneurs achieve success by going into business for themselves, but the risk is potentially much greater. Since franchisees start off with an established brand, existing customer base, and can take advantage of built-in training and support systems, they are simply better-positioned to open their doors with confidence. 


If you believe that an AFC franchise is on your horizon, reach out to us to learn more about the franchise opportunity.


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