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Balance Your Urgent Care Clinic Investment Costs and Benefits

urgent care clinic investment

At American Family Care, we pride ourselves on offering an urgent care clinic franchise that’s worth every penny of the investment. Cost should always be part of the conversation when it comes to opening a new franchise, and we know that franchisees want to see a solid return on their startup costs. That’s why we provide an extensive suite of support, including marketing materials, hiring assistance, training, and other resources that will help you maximize your investment. Here’s what you can expect to put into an urgent care clinic investment, and what you can expect to get out of it.

Urgent Care Clinic Startup Costs

As with any franchise, you should be prepared to make an investment consisting of startup costs and royalty payments. Our royalty fee (6% of gross sales) is industry standard, and our franchise fee is a low $55,000. The total investment is significantly higher, but if you’re converting an existing urgent care facility into an American Family Care, the total investment will be reduced (that’s why location scouting is key!).

It’s easy to get daunted by the costs of an urgent care franchise, but it’s important to remember that franchises aren’t expenses, they’re investments. Our prospective franchisees are also encouraged by a healthy, thriving industry that generates $14.5 billion annually and puts them in a good position to succeed.

Our Industry

Since their inception in the 1970s, urgent care clinics have now reached over 10,000 locations. Revenue per clinic is expected to increase to around $1.7 million by 2020. Compared to the public healthcare system, private healthcare is in a strong position. Urgent care facilities provide easy, accessible care centers that patients can trust, and unlike public healthcare, we are able to forge a more personal relationship with our patients, which fosters loyalty and repeat business.

What Does Your Investment Buy?

At AFC, we want your franchise to feel like an investment in your own career, and in resources that will ultimately help you succeed. When you sign on with us, we assign you one of our Franchise Business Consultants, along with a helpful pre-opening package. It’s important that you see the benefits of your investment immediately, and understand how your startup costs go toward equipping you to launch your franchise.

We also want the process of selecting a location for your franchise to be as painless as possible. To this end, we pair you with our experienced national vendor partners who will help you find the best sites in your territory, and stay involved through the construction and setup process.

Our comprehensive package of franchise support tools includes:

      • A comprehensive operations manual covering recruiting procedures in detail
      • Marketing materials
      • Licensing and credentialing assistance
      • Ongoing training programs aimed at professional development
      • Staffing and physician recruiting services
      • Customized business management software for patient-intake, scheduling, and payroll
      • Billing services provided by approved vendors
    • Private intranet site

If you’re ready to make the investment in an urgent care clinic, and are excited to start reaping the benefits, reach out to us today to get started.


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