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If I have franchise experience, am I a good fit for AFC?

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You hear it all the time in franchising. No experience is needed in a particular business to operate it. Any lack of knowledge on how to run the franchise is taken care of by the franchisor through extensive training programs. However, a candidate with experience in the franchising world is a unicorn of sorts. And franchisors welcome these unicorns with open arms. Here’s why.

Previous Franchise Experience Counts

There are two things people need to overcome when they enter into the franchise world.
The first is learning how to be a franchisee. That means following someone else’s rules, processes, and procedures. In the eyes of someone with no business experience at all, these tools can be a huge benefit. For someone with business experience (but not franchise experience), the benefit is also a detriment. Independent entrepreneurs are used to breaking rules, in the sense that they take risks and are used to doing things their way. Once involved with a franchise, entrepreneurs may find it difficult to follow someone else’s rules.

A franchisee from another concept has already overcome those issues listed above. They’ve realized the benefits of franchising and they understand the process. Instead of blazing a trail, they follow the path that has already been paved by the franchisor, and that path is smooth and easy. If the experienced franchisees do anything when delving into a new concept, they set a high bar. Their efforts will be above and beyond what the franchisor has already established. They will be knowledgeable about trends, competition, and operations. They might even have some great ideas to share. Experienced franchisees tend to give back as businesspeople in terms of effort and knowledge, and they provide incremental improvements to the overall franchise system.

Someone who is used to working in a franchise system has an advantage over those who don’t. They don’t have to learn how or adjust to be a franchisee. They’ve figured that side of the equation, possibly taking the fear out of learning the second part of a franchise; the business concept. Depending on the franchise, it could be building closets or spraying for mosquitoes. In the case of American Family Care, new franchisees have concerns about not having healthcare experience or a medical background. In a sense, franchise experience halves the burden.

Experienced franchisees also understand the teamwork aspect within franchising systems. People with previous franchise experience are usually the first to reach out with questions, and the first to offer answers when there’s a problem.

At American Family Care, some of our best franchisees have experience in franchising. They come from a variety of concepts, from weight loss franchises to quick-service restaurants. While the concepts may be different in terms of what the end result is, the underlying franchise business model, the approach and attitude, is exactly the same.

Over the next five years, AFC expects to have more than 500 urgent care centers across the U.S., on its path to becoming one of the most widely known and admired brands in healthcare. If you’re looking for a way to break into the booming healthcare franchise industry, there’s no better way than to invest in an AFC clinic of your own. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to get started!


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