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Increase Your Online Presence as a Franchisee with These 5 Tips

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To run a successful business, customers need to know who you are, what you offer, and why they should choose your product over a competitor. In the ever-growing internet age, you constantly need to aim to increase your online presence in order to position yourself as an industry leader properly.

So, how exactly can you do that? Utilize these five tips to raise your internet profile and market your franchise, and you’ll be off to a running start with our franchising opportunities.

Create Content …

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: Content is king. But there should probably be an addendum to that phrase: Engaging content is king.

Think of your social media newsfeeds and timelines, and then think about what makes you stop your infinite scroll to watch or read something: Catchy material that is informational, entertaining, or both. That’s the target when creating content.

You can do this simply by starting a blog and answering the questions that people are asking, or by creating short videos that don’t come at the cost of a consumer’s attention span. And by keeping the content user friendly – a crisp, clean look that’s easy to read and access and makes a consumer not only want to click in once, but return again and again – you’ll stand out immediately.

As a franchisee with American Family Care (AFC), you’re provided with marketing materials (such as brochures, pre-approved ads, artwork for direct mail, radio scripts, and more) and recommendations for effective occupational medical marketing will help you fully develop your territory from the start. You also get 24/7 access to marketing resources, making your content machine easier to operate than ever.

… And Make it Shareable

The way you present your product should strike a chord with your target demographic. Content that makes someone want to not only stop scrolling, but also share your content with their social community is key.

By franchising with AFC, you’re investing in a rapidly-growing industry. In other words, there’s a market for your content, so if you have good content to share, consumers will find it and spread the word for free on the walls of their social media profiles.

Collaborate with Other Departments

You already have the best resources available to you in the experts you hire to work in every department of your franchise. Your doctors and nurses will have insights that your sales team won’t, your writing team will have ideas and concepts that your marketers won’t, and vice versa and so on. By working together, you create a dynamic advertising plan that covers every angle your customer craves.

Work with Content Partners

What better way is there to spread the word about your product than by utilizing trusted community and industry leaders to vouch for you? With a content partnership, you’ll reach out to other businesses and websites, both from your community and your industry in order to cross-promote your products. If you can find ways to promote the products that your trusted neighbors and competitors excel in, they’ll do the same for you in return.

Hire Professionals for Franchising Opportunities

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for help with marketing your product. Your expertise probably falls in a different area, so why not focus on your strengths and allow someone else to get this task done well?

By hiring a product manager and working with a marketing company, you have affordable options to make sure your product is pushed in front of the eyes that need to see it, and professionals who specialize in making sure they do every single day.

As a franchisee with AFC, a minimum monthly marketing budget is already built into your agreement, so spending in your local market to attract a loyal consumer base is a piece of cake. Plus, a small portion of your revenue is reinvested into an AFC marketing fund available to every AFC franchise nationally, which means the success of your franchise and the success of all AFC franchises are a symbiotic relationship that perpetually benefit one another.

Interested in learning more about franchising opportunities with AFC? Then visit our website and find out how you can get started today!


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