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How Our Training Prepares You to Run a Successful Emergency Care Center

group of people in training

Opening an emergency care center is a great way to break into a booming field within the medical industry. More people than ever are turning to urgent care clinics to treat non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries because of the convenience they have to offer. Many entrepreneurs are interested in investing in an urgent care clinic but worry that their lack of medical experience disqualifies them. AFC has developed comprehensive urgent care training programs designed to get franchisees from all backgrounds up-to-speed on what it takes to run one of our locations. Read on to learn more about what we teach in training.

Day-to-Day Operations

You might be surprised to learn that you don’t need to be a medical expert in order to run one of our franchises. We’ve developed an efficient operations plan that keeps our locations running with minimal hassle. Some of the most useful information you’ll learn in our urgent care training programs relates to day-to-day operations. We work with numerous vendor partners to simplify the process of getting your clinic open and running smoothly. In your initial training, you’ll learn how to use our customized EMR software system that’s designed to do everything from manage payroll to patient intake. You’ll also learn about the billing services we offer through approved vendors that simplifies the process of medical billing. We break down the important jobs associated with running one of our clinics so franchisees can get a better idea of how many people they’ll need to fill out their staff, and what qualifications to look for in their employees.

group of people in training

Ongoing Training

At AFC we are firm believers in ongoing professional development, so we provide our franchisees and their staff with further training materials after their emergency care center is up and running. These ongoing training materials help everyone who works in our franchisees to stay up-to-date on industry best practices. We also provide on-site visits to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and everyone is performing their duties correctly. Furthermore, our franchisees have access to a private intranet site that includes a wealth of materials such as a detailed operations manual that can be used as a refresher.

Comprehensive Franchise Support

In addition to the training they receive, our franchisees also enjoy support before and after they open their doors. For instance, they’re given access to a cache of marketing materials that can be customized to reach any franchisee’s target audience. Franchisees are also provided with assistance throughout the licensing and credentialing process, which can be a real headache for independent emergency care center owners. We even assist our franchisees as they work to find qualified physicians and other medical professionals to staff their clinic! As you can see, AFC is truly dedicated to making it as simple as possible to open and operate an urgent care clinic, making ours a great opportunity for investors with or without medical experience.

Ready to learn more about what’s offered in our urgent care training programs? Contact us today with your questions.


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