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We’re Leaders in the Urgent Care Industry — And Here’s Why

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If you’re thinking about going into business for yourself, and are researching medical business opportunities, you should know that American Family Care (AFC) is a leader in the industry and has been serving communities across the country for nearly four decades. Today we operate 215 non-emergency room urgent care centers across the country, serving over 2 million people a year. Our goal of always putting the patient first has made us a trusted and respected brand, not only by the individuals who seek out our care, but by our franchise partners who benefit from our business model and our experience. Here, we’ll look a little more closely at some of the reasons why AFC has become a leader in the urgent care industry.


Our Mission and Values

Everything we do at AFC is informed by our mission and values. We always put the patient first, and that means going the distance to provide expert and compassionate medical care at all times and at every level. With each patient visit, we strive for:

  • Quality: Our doctors and paraprofessionals are some of the best in the industry and are always up-to-speed on best practices and technological advances, meaning when you franchise with AFC, your patients will always receive the very best in urgent care
  • Affordability: Our clinics accept most types of insurance, and our self-pay fees are reasonable and affordable
  • Convenience: No appointment? No problem! Walk-ins are always welcome and wait times are virtually non-existent. We’re also open on weekends and many of our clinics maintain hours during major holidays

The communities we serve rely on us as their one-stop resource for expert medical attention, and when you partner with us, you’ll be able to offer your city or town the same, too.


Our Approach to Care: A Standout Among Medical Business Opportunities

At AFC, we believe it’s not too much for a person to ask to receive high-quality non-emergency medical care delivered efficiently and affordably — and we don’t leave any of that to chance. We make sure all our franchisees are equipped to hire the very best doctors, clinicians and other employees to staff their clinics, and that they’ll benefit from ongoing professional development to ensure best practices. Furthermore, we strive to be at the forefront of technology, allowing our franchisees to deliver the very best in medical care and to stay on top of trends in our industry. We place an emphasis on convenience, too, because we know that visiting the typical emergency room often means long wait times and a lot of frustration. But our patients know that when they trust their care to AFC, they can count on being in and out of their neighborhood clinic in about an hour, saving them valuable time and resulting in an overall positive experience. In fact, we aim to make a visit to an AFC clinic as simple as possible, a goal that truly distinguishes us from other medical business opportunities. 


Our Time-Tested Business Model

Our franchisees can count on taking advantage of our robust industry by leveraging our industry knowledge and our time-tested business model. From thorough pre-opening training, to comprehensive marketing assistance, to favorable programs with third-party vendors, and more — we tend to our relationships with our franchisees as carefully and thoughtfully as we do with our patients, something that really separates us from the competition.


Interested in finding out more about our industry and how to take advantage of it? Reach out to us today!


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