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Never Be Without a Support Team: How We Back You Up

AFC franchise team

One of the reasons you should consider investing in a franchise instead of building a business from the ground up, especially when it comes to an urgent care business, is that you will be provided with support and proven methods from the franchisor. Trying to go at it yourself can be incredibly difficult, especially if it’s your first urgent care location.

If you invest in an AFC franchise, not only will you be able to avoid a lot of the trial and error that a lot of first-time urgent care business owners have to go through, but you’ll be given a huge amount of support before you establish your AFC franchise, as you open up your first location and through the duration of your ownership. The following is a more in-depth overview of how we provide support to our franchise owners here at American Family Care.

AFC Franchise Training

As soon as you have been awarded one of our franchises, you will begin the pre-opening process. During this process, we will provide you with the training and education that you will need in order to effectively run your urgent care facility. We will provide a list of important tasks and training objectives during the course of this process. This begins during a two and a half day corporate training session that will take place in Birmingham, Alabama.

Once you’ve gone through training, our national vendor partners will help you identify the best site in your territory and to construct and set up the facility. While your location is being built, you will be able to focus your time and energy on building relationships throughout your community.

Our AFC Franchise Support Tools

The following are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy out of having access to our comprehensive support system:

  1. You will be provided with a thorough operations and procedures manual. This manual will provide you with everything you need to know about recruiting, hiring and staffing procedures as well as how to run your urgent care facility effectively.
  2. You will be provided with HCP staffing and physician recruiting services in your area.
  3. You will be provided with a customized EMR software system, which will allow you to manage every aspect of your business, from patient intake to scheduling to integrated payroll processing.
  4. Billing services will be provided by vendors that we have approved in order to ensure that your insurance collections will be efficient and effective.
  5. You will be provided with full marketing support. For example, not only will we provide you with marketing materials, including brochures, radio scripts, pre-approved ads and more, but we will also provide professional advice on how to better develop your territory through effective occupational medical marketing.
  6. You will be given full assistance with the licensing and credentialing requirements in your state.

Our Ongoing Support

In addition to the previously mentioned support, we also provide all of our franchise owners with access to a private intranet site that contains all the management, marketing and operational resources you need. This site is accessible 24/7. If that wasn’t enough, we even offer opportunities to continue your education through webinars, written modules, conferences, conference calls and other media.

As you can see, you’ll be provided with full support of your franchise if you decide to invest in American Family Care. To find out more information about investing in one of our franchises, be sure to contact us at American Family Care today.


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