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One Franchisee’s Journey to Franchising: Larry Kugler

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Have you ever wondered why other people choose to franchise? What about how they came to the decision to franchise with American Family Care?

We sat down with American Family Care franchisee Larry Kugler to discuss the beginning of his journey into franchising and how he came to find himself with AFC.

Q: Why did you decide to explore franchising?

Kugler: After spending more than 20 years within the subprime finance space, I knew I wanted to do something new—to take on a new adventure. Therefore, I started to search for local franchises that were succeeding at a high level.

Q: How did you discover AFC?

Kugler: When I first decided to venture into franchising, I started querying various systems on the internet. Then, I talked with a broker who introduced me to different concepts, such as restaurants, yogurt shops, coffee brands and so on.

However, the one that resonated the most was the urgent care model. After spending a few weeks researching these various concepts, talking with existing franchisees, looking at the opportunity locally, embracing the value add to the local community and building our projections, we began to pursue in earnest.

Q: Did you have any healthcare experience? How did that impact you?

Kugler: While I didn’t have healthcare experience, the complex business of urgent care was very exciting to me.

Q: What made AFC stand out as a prospective franchise concept?

Kugler: We purchased originally from a company called Doctors Express. The model stood out as a one where demand existed, good supply was limited, potential return on investment was good and there was value added to the local communities we serve.

Q: What have you experienced in regard to support and training from AFC corporate?

Kugler: When AFC bought the system, this group had 20 years’ experience in the space and could provide real support. Today, AFC is the only urgent care franchisor in America, and the support system is more than sufficient for a motivated individual or group of individuals.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of being an AFC franchisee?

Kugler: I enjoy receiving feedback, personally and locally, from folks I know and the patient review platform that we utilize. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive when it comes to quality of service, convenient location and being respectful of patients’ time, which all add up to value-added community service that you can get paid for.

Are you ready to make a difference? Find out how you can make an impact as a franchisee within the American Family Care franchising family.


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