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Opening an Urgent Care Franchise: What Resources You’ll Need

urgent care franchise

Starting an urgent care franchise is a great career opportunity. No franchise should be undertaken without a full understanding of what you can expect from the franchisor, and AFC knows that we can’t be successful unless our franchisees are successful.

We take several steps to make your job easier. As a new franchisee, you should be prepared to take advantage of our extensive suite of training programs and resources. We want our franchisees to be both excited about their new career opportunity and fully informed about what they can expect as they begin their journey toward owning their own urgent care franchise.

Support Tools for Your Urgent Care Franchise

We offer a wide range of tools to help put our franchisees in a position to succeed. We’ll assign you an experienced franchise support consultant and provide you with a full pre-opening package. This package will equip you with all the materials you may need to guide your business toward success. It includes customized business management software, billing services, a comprehensive operations manual, materials for marketing, ongoing training programs for professional development, and recruiting services. You will also be connected with several national vendors who will be available to help you choosing a location, real estate, construction, and setup.

Post-Opening Support

Just because you’ve opened your doors doesn’t mean the training or support ends. The key to opening a successful urgent care franchise is staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends, technology, certifications, and more. That’s why we give our franchisees a wide range of professional development opportunities, including regular webinars, conference calls, written modules, and other media. These are designed to help you continue educating yourself on the urgent care field and stay abreast of industry trends. We also provide module-based training so our staff can keep enhancing their skills and deliver a high-quality level of patient care that our patients have come to expect.

The Industry

With any investment, but especially in your own franchise, you want to be confident in the industry’s strength and growth prospects. Luckily, urgent care couldn’t be in a stronger position right now. Through 2020, revenue per urgent care clinic is expected to increase to around $1.7 million. Urgent care facilities provide easy, accessible care centers that patients can trust. Unlike public healthcare, we are able to develop more personal relationships with our patients—and they feel a sense of loyalty to our brand no matter which location they visit.

To learn more about the investment, and determine whether it’s right for you, contact us for more information and to have any questions answered.


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