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Our Approach to Urgent Care: Why it Matters

urgent care

When choosing a franchise, it’s important to consider an opportunity that will allow you to provide a unique service to your community. Getting involved in a business that allows you to truly help people in need is one of the biggest motivating factors behind an AFC franchise, and our special approach to care speaks for itself. AFC franchisees will offer a comprehensive range of much-needed services at a more affordable rate than exorbitantly priced emergency rooms. Rather than just serving as a typical urgent care clinic, you will also be able to provide businesses with great occupational health services for their employees, as well as easy access to family care. Here’s why investing in our unique approach to urgent care is well worth it.

Quick and Affordable Urgent Care

One of the most attractive aspects of urgent care is that it draws away some of the traffic often clogging emergency rooms. Between 1994 and 2004, the number of hospitals and emergency rooms actually decreased by 9%, while visits to the ER increased by over 1 million per year. For patients who simply can’t wait in long lines, urgent care is the answer. An urgent care franchise will allow you to take care of patients almost immediately, and at a far more patient-friendly cost.

In additional to traditional medical care, AFC also provides X-rays, lab tests, and vaccinations. There’s nothing more frustrating than hopping between multiple medical clinics, because you can’t get all the work done in one place. We want to be a one-stop shop for our patients, and AFC is a convenient, full-service medical alternative that can really benefit your community.

Occupational Health

What really sets AFC apart from our competitors is our fantastic occupational health offerings. Keeping a company’s employees healthy and productive is essential, and making our services affordable for businesses in the local community is a key tenet of our brand. In addition to physicals, we offer special examinations for those returning to work or transferring jobs, medical surveillance exams, immunizations, alcohol and drug testing, vision screening, and other specialized services for businesses. Opening an urgent care business with AFC means expanding your range of care to serve a broad range of people, and occupational health is a huge part of that.

Filling the Market Gap

It’s no secret that Americans are fed up with the inefficiency of emergency rooms, and the long wait times for primary care physicians. Anyone with extensive experience in healthcare has recognized the problems associated with emergency rooms, and sees the opportunity to capitalize on the market gap. The convenience and affordability of AFC make us a convenient alternative to both the ER and primary care doctors. For this reason, revenue in the urgent care industry is expected to reach over $30 billion by 2020, at a growth rate of 3.8 percent.

For more information on investing in an AFC franchise, contact us today and speak with a representative!


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