4 Reasons People Use American Family Care

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If you are thinking about buying a healthcare franchise, then there are few better franchises out there that you can invest in than American Family Care. Besides the fact that we provide all of our franchise owners with full support before, during and after the opening of your AFC site and help to put your franchise …


17 Facts You Should Know About American Family Care, an Urgent Care Franchise

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There are a number of reasons to consider investing in an urgent care franchise, but when it comes to picking the right franchise to invest in, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of questions. Here’s a primer on why picking AFC is the right decision. Here’s a quick look at 17 facts that will help you …


Interested in Opening a Medical Franchise Like American Family Care? Why You Don’t Need a Healthcare Background

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Let’s just get this out of the way immediately: You don’t need a medical background if you want to open a medical franchise like an American Family Care urgent care facility. It’s that simple. We get why that might seem counterintuitive: When it comes to something as serious as taking care of people’s health, you’d …


A History of Urgent Care, and How it Became a Booming Industry

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Urgent care is an industry that has been around for decades but has recently gained popularity. This is due to its ability to deliver convenient medical assistance to people in a more efficient way than a traditional hospital. The Emergency Room Paradox Emergency rooms most often will be found riddled with injured and ill patients …


3 Things You Should Know About Owning an Urgent Care Franchise

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Have you thought about expanding your current practice into your own business, or possibly that you should own an urgent care franchise? Does this scenario sound like you? You trained for years to be a doctor. From undergrad to med school to residency, you have put in countless hours and years to become the doctor …


From Entrepreneur to Business Owner: How Your Dreams Can Be Realized with an AFC Franchise

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How to Start an Urgent Care Franchise From Day 1, opening your own business means sink or swim. More often than not, small businesses fall short when competing against their larger corporate opposition. Competition among small business is fierce, but with a name-brand player like American Family Care (AFC) climbing the ranks of the franchise …


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