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Health Information Technology – Tech Triumphs at the Forefront in 2020

a medical team integrating technology in their work

Health Information Technology — Tech Triumphs at the Forefront in 2020 Health information technology is a driving force behind the fast-paced improvements happening in the healthcare industry. It is the area of healthcare that oversees the technology systems healthcare providers — and increasingly, patients — use to store, share and analyze information. You interact with …


Open a Healthcare Franchise and Become and Valuable Member of Your Community

Healthcare franchise

There are many considerations that go into choosing a franchise, but that franchise’s place in the community might not typically factor in. Well, it should. Starting a healthcare franchise with American Family Care doesn’t just mean owning your own business, it means getting involved in an industry that will benefit your local community, and provide …


The Urgent Care Business Model is One of the Best in the Industry

Urgent care business model

Thousands of people consider careers in franchising, and there are thousands of franchises to choose from. So how do you select which one is the best fit for you? Luckily each franchise comes with its own infrastructure, industry, and record of success, all of which you should thoroughly investigate before signing on as a franchisee. …


How American Family Care Supports its Franchisees

starting an urgent care business

For many of our franchisees, starting an urgent care business is the realization of a long-held dream, and at American Family Care (AFC), we take great pride in being part of that realization. We know that most of our franchisees come to our investment opportunity after a lot of due diligence and planning, so we …


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