What Do I Need to Know About Hiring Staff for My Urgent Care Franchise?

When you start your own urgent care franchise, it doesn’t really seem real until you’ve hired your staff and started welcoming patients. As experienced or business-minded as you might be,  hiring the right staff is often the deciding factor in whether or not your business gets off to a roaring or bumpy start. Particularly in the …


Why You Don’t Need Experience in the Medical Field to Open an Urgent Care Center

If you’ve never owned a franchise before or worked in the medical industry, it can be difficult to imagine yourself owning an urgent care center. However, many of our franchisees open their first American Family Care franchise without any prior experience. We’ve put the necessary infrastructure in place to make it easy for franchises of all …


Are You in the Right Location to Open an Urgent Care Center Franchise?

urgent care center franchise AFC

One of the most important questions a new franchisee can ask is: “where do I base my franchise?” Answering this question isn’t always easy, and sometimes it can seem outright daunting. With nearly 200 franchises across 26 states, American Family Care is always looking to establish a presence in new locations. The good news is …


How to Start a Walk-In Clinic the Right Way

walk-in clinic afc

Starting a walk-in clinic is rewarding, but it’s not easy. Before taking the plunge and making this big career move, you should fully understand what to expect, and how to maximize your chances for success. While you’ll be signing up to become part of an exciting, ever-changing field, you should also realize the substantial investment …


How Much Does an Urgent Care Visit Cost? It’s Less Than You Think

how much does an urgent care visit cost afc franchising

Many people who have a health issue and consider visiting an emergency room haven’t even heard of urgent care clinics. The ER is the familiar option, and therefore many people choose emergency rooms without considering other options. Especially when you’re in the midst of a health crisis, the immense cost of an ER visit is …


3 Ways an Urgent Care Clinic Can Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Patients

urgent care afc franchising

When starting a new career as a franchisee, you want to make sure you are investing in a company that will deliver a consistent stream of clients. Customer loyalty is the backbone of every successful business, and American Family Care’s patients understand the immense value of urgent care clinics. An AFC franchise isn’t just a …


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