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How We Keep Our Customers Coming Back

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At American Family Care, we believe in providing convenient, high-quality urgent care at affordable prices. It’s the cornerstone of our business model and just part of the reason why investing in an AFC franchise is a great way to become a valuable and important resource in your community, and in communities all across the country. …


Three Benefits of Opening Multiple Urgent Care Centers

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You know what they say: you can’t have enough of a good thing, and that’s especially true when you do a little research into multi-unit franchise opportunities like ours. At American Family Care, we pride ourselves as being one of the very best urgent care center investments out there, and when you decide to own …


Transition from a Corporate Setting to an Urgent Care Center and Find Career Fulfillment

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If you work in the corporate world and are tired of its demands, what do you do? Do you keep your head down and endure the dissatisfaction, perhaps feeling like you’re cheating yourself out of a more rewarding life, or do you make changes? At American Family Care, we believe you should give serious consideration …


Why You Don’t Need a Medical Background to Take Advantage of our Medical Franchise Opportunity

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Deciding to plunge into a medical franchise opportunity is a big step, and it can be extremely frightening if you don’t have any prior experience in the medical field. You might even wonder if you should be pursuing your franchise dream at all. Luckily, the American Family Care franchise model is built for those without …


3 Reasons Our Industry is Ripe for New Urgent Care Franchises

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If you’ve been researching investment opportunities, you’ve likely already realized that the urgent care industry is booming. AFC continue to gain popularity because we offer a wide range of services, often without the extensive wait times and high prices found in emergency rooms. Our urgent care franchise brand is designed to be as simple to …


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