Think You’re Cut Out For Franchising With American Family Care?

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If you’ve caught the entrepreneurial fever, you aren’t alone. Just years removed from the worst economic recession Americans have seen since the Great Depression, the economy is now thriving. Investors are spending more and more money on young startups and intelligent, savvy entrepreneurs. And as the unemployment rate drops, people are making more money and …


Never Be Without a Support Team: How We Back You Up

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One of the reasons you should consider investing in a franchise instead of building a business from the ground up, especially when it comes to an urgent care business, is that you will be provided with support and proven methods from the franchisor. Trying to go at it yourself can be incredibly difficult, especially if …


Why Consider a Healthcare Franchising Business?

Healthcare Franchising

The healthcare sector is part of franchising trends this year. It promises explosive growth as the aging population increases and new technologies emerge, improving efficiencies. If you are looking for a sustainable, lucrative franchise, we recommend you explore opportunities in the healthcare franchising business. Franchising and the Growing Demand in Healthcare According to an article …


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Successful Franchising

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So you want to open your own franchise. You have some knowledge about the business world, have spent some time working for a corporation, and you might have held management or executive positions within the company. You want to be your own boss, but you’re smart enough to know that to own a franchise, there’s …


Put Away Your Franchising Fears with These 4 Myths Debunked!

Facts or Myths

If you’re in the process of deciding whether you want to invest in a franchise in healthcare or if you want to start your own healthcare business, then you’re probably considering the pros and cons of each route. However, it’s worth noting that there are a number of so-called drawbacks to buying a franchise in healthcare …


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