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Put a Personal Touch on a Health Franchise Opportunity in High Demand

health franchise opportunity

With an urgent care franchise, it’s all about putting the patient first. That means creating a personalized experience that makes each patient feel special. At American Family Care, we pride ourselves on fostering customer loyalty. Satisfied customers are the backbone of every successful business, and AFC understands the immense value of creating a real connection between patients and urgent care staff. We’re not just a doctor’s office. Our staff is trained to handle a wide array of illnesses and injuries as well as medication administration. And the best part? Our clients can have all their medical needs attended to under one roof. In addition to the patented convenience of an urgent care health franchise opportunity, we also offer a highly-trained, compassionate staff that knows how to get patients the care they need and deliver individualized service.

Convenience of a Health Franchise Opportunity

One of the main reasons patients love coming back to AFC is because urgent care clinics function more efficiently than ERs. Many emergency room visits are unnecessary, and can instead be handled by an urgent care clinic. More and more people are in need of emergency care, and there aren’t enough ERs available to accommodate them. In waiting rooms, lines are long and inefficient, and oftentimes a patient must wait a long time to get even the most basic care. In addition to covering a wide variety of illnesses, injuries, and other health concerns, our urgent care clinics are a one-stop-shop for X-rays, lab tests, and vaccinations. Patients should have to hop between multiple medical clinics to get all of their needs taken care of. With an urgent care health franchise opportunity, you’re opening an affordable, convenient alternative for your community.

Hire the Right People

It’s no secret that creating a positive and personalized customer experience starts with hiring a solid staff who embody the values of your business. Here’s how to equip your urgent care franchise with a quality staff.


Finding qualified, talented caregivers isn’t always easy, so how do you do it? Well, don’t just limit yourself to traditional job postings. To find great employees, make sure you fully explore your professional network. Many caregivers, for example, have been previously employed in hospitals or other medical environments, and are simply looking for a change, which working in an urgent care center can provide. Don’t be afraid to reach out to contacts in the medical field for referrals, or check with physician associations and groups.


AFC nurses and doctors should be caring, dependable, and personable individuals, with a passion for providing quality care to patients in their community. Remember, your staff is the face of your franchise, so they should have integrity, be good communicators, and take their responsibilities seriously.

Passion for Giving Back

Anyone seriously considering becoming a doctor, nurse, or staff member at an urgent care center should be genuinely passionate about patient care. When hiring staff, it’s important to make sure patient care isn’t just a job for them, but a lifestyle they truly enjoy. It’s essential that your doctors and nurses share your values and enthusiasm.

If you’re excited about the prospect of pursuing your own health franchise opportunity, reach out to us today to learn more about our process.


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