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The Urgent Care Industry is a Robust One!

franchise opportunities in healthcare

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If you’re researching franchise opportunities in healthcare, you’re probably impressed by the growth of the market and the investment choices that are out there. But don’t be fooled — not all those franchise choices are created equal: some are simply better than others, by virtue of their history in the industry and the way their business model takes advantage of the market. American Family Care is a leader in the urgent care industry, and here, we’ll take a closer look at why and how the AFC franchise brand allows our franchisees to capitalize on it.

One of the Best Franchise Opportunities in Healthcare

Our industry is an exciting and growing one, and for all sorts of reasons. According to Consumer Reports, the number of urgent care facilities increased from 6,400 in 2014 to 8,100 in 2018. That’s in part because more and more people are looking for alternatives to their local emergency rooms, and rightly so: these facilities are typically overcrowded, understaffed, and not very cost-effective, with long wait times being the norm. An American Family Care franchise is a trusted and high-quality resource that provides accessible urgent care, primary care, and occupational medicine to people in need, without the hassle of long emergency room waits and scheduling issues. With nearly 200 clinics and 500 in-network physicians currently part of the AFC family, we strive to be a convenient and reliable healthcare resource for every community we serve — and when you partner with us to open your own AFC franchise, you’ll be able to be the same for your community, too.

Unmatched Training and Support

Of course, in order to take full advantage of our industry, it helps to be prepared to do so. One of the most important benefits of partnering with AFC to open your urgent healthcare franchise is the comprehensive training and support we’ll show you that gives you the skills and confidence you need to succeed. Our experts make sure each and every one of our franchisees are up to speed on the operational aspects of running their center, and our time-tested business model will take a lot of the guesswork out of the day-to-day aspects of it. Other ways we show our support include:

  • Billing services provided by approved vendors that make insurance collections simple and straightforward
  • A detailed operations and procedures manual that covers topics such as recruiting, hiring, and staffing procedures, among many other subjects
  • Marketing materials that will help you fully develop your territory
  • Assistance with licensing and credentialing in your state
  • Ongoing training programs, opportunities for professional development, phone support, and on-site visits
  • Access to a comprehensive private intranet site containing management, marketing, and operational resources that are available 24/7

All this (and more) makes American Family Care one of the very best franchise opportunities in healthcare. We’re proud of our offering and prouder still that we’ve been helping individuals and families across America for decades.

Ready to find out more about a healthcare franchise opportunity with AFC? We’re here to answer any questions you might have, so reach out today!


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