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How to Start a Walk-In Clinic the Right Way

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Starting a walk-in clinic is rewarding, but it’s not easy. Before taking the plunge and making this big career move, you should fully understand what to expect, and how to maximize your chances for success. While you’ll be signing up to become part of an exciting, ever-changing field, you should also realize the substantial investment and time commitment. You should thoroughly understand the investment involved, and be comfortable working within our proven business model. You should also be prepared to take advantage of our extensive suite of training programs and resources, available even after you open for business.

The Investment in a Walk-In Clinic

It can be easy to let yourself get overwhelmed by the costs of a walk-in clinic, but remember that any good franchise investment should yield tangible, speedy returns. To give you greater flexibility in launching your business, we keep our startup fees a low as possible. Our franchise fee is just $55,000 and we only charge a small royalty (6% of gross sales). With this fee comes a comprehensive suite of support services, including marketing assistance, training programs, help with lease selection, and a constant system of support designed to maximize your success.

Our Process

We’re proud of our proven business model, and new franchisees should fully understand how we operate before signing on with us. Our model is built on decades of operational experience — from the pre-opening task list, to the startup-up kit, to site location and build out, to software installation and integrated payroll/benefit services. We’ve put the infrastructure in place so you can focus on building your business. Our regional Franchise Business Consultants have substantial marketing and sales backgrounds, and are prepared to assist you at every stage of the process. We also offer an aggressive marketing roadmap designed to really increase your exposure and create brand awareness in your community.

Our Training

To run a successful walk-in clinic, you need to realize when to seek help and advice. You’re not going to know everything, but we look for franchises who are proactive in their desire to learn. New franchisees are paired with one of our Franchise Business Consultants and a pre-opening package, to ensure that you’re as prepared as possible to launch your franchise.

We also offer a comprehensive package of franchise support tools, including:

      • Customized business management software for patient-intake, scheduling, and payroll
      • Billing services provided by approved vendors
      • A comprehensive operations manual covering recruiting procedures in detail
      • Marketing materials
      • Licensing and credentialing assistance
      • Ongoing training programs aimed at professional development
      • Staffing and physician recruiting services
    • Private intranet site

Our most successful franchisees are those who take full advantage of our support services, know when to ask questions, and are eager to learn the ins and outs of the urgent care industry.

If you think you have what it takes to run a successful walk-in clinic with AFC, reach out to us here to get started.


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