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Three Benefits of Opening Multiple Urgent Care Centers

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You know what they say: you can’t have enough of a good thing, and that’s especially true when you do a little research into multi-unit franchise opportunities like ours. At American Family Care, we pride ourselves as being one of the very best urgent care center investments out there, and when you decide to own and operate more than one of them, you’re multiplying the benefits that come with your investment in our brand. Let’s take a closer look at three of them.


You Grow Your Business

American Family Care is already a respected and recognized brand name, and when you open your first center with us, you’ll immediately benefit from our reputation as a leader in urgent care. But as an owner/operator, when you open a second or third center location, you’ll be growing your reputation as a respected provider under our brand umbrella. Multi-unit franchise opportunities like ours allow our franchisees to grow their roots and reputations in their communities and build customer loyalty and trust. Owning more than one AFC urgent care center signals to your neighborhood that you’re a leader in your industry and have something to offer, not just in the way of services, but also in the way of a deep knowledge and understanding about the importance of those services. You become a business leader when you own multiple locations, and that’s something to be proud of.


You Grow Your Revenue Streams

Of course, one of the best advantages of owning more than one AFC urgent care center is the multiple revenue streams you’ll enjoy. Depending on where you locate your centers, you’ll be catering to different communities and their unique needs. Furthermore, operating more than one location will require very little extra effort on your part, as you’ll already have the systems in place to run them, and the experience under your belt to anticipate needs and responsibilities. Owning multiple AFC locations is a great opportunity to grow your bottom line.


You Save Time and Money

Yes, that’s right! Because your centers will share systems, procedures, and resources, you’ll be able to consolidate and streamline your operations for all of them. That means you could not only save time, but money, as you’ll have the potential to cut down on some of your operating costs. You might also be able to take advantage of reduced pricing for necessary supplies, as well as for marketing and advertising efforts, because they’ll be for the benefit of more than one location. 


No matter how many centers you decide to operate, you can count on American Family Care as a franchisor to help you stay on track and take advantage of an industry that continues to grow and that meets the important needs of communities around the country.


To find out more about multi-unit franchise opportunities like ours, get in touch with American Family Care today!



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