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The Medical Field is a Big Business, and Here’s Why

health franchise opportunities

As the demand for accessible healthcare rises, more and more health franchise opportunities become available for people who want to get into the industry. That means that companies like American Family Care can offer great health franchise opportunities for people like you who are interested in turning your skills into your own business.

The Growing Healthcare Industry

An urgent care franchise is a great alternative to primary care treatment that you would get at your local hospital. Visits to the emergency department are expensive and can be as much as triple the cost of going to an urgent care center, according to debt.org. Health franchise opportunities are a more affordable, convenient choice for patients and generate roughly $15 billion annually. As the American population continues to age, the need for affordable healthcare options will only continue to grow.

A Company You Can Grow With

Since its founding in 1982, American Family Care has been putting the patient first and providing care to Americans of all ages from coast to coast. As the company has grown, our mission has not changed: we firmly believe that everyone deserves to get the care they need and not have to wait hours to get it.

Our company, which began as a single clinic in Alabama, has grown to more than 200 locations across the country, and our franchisees have grown with us. By utilizing health franchise opportunities in their community and becoming American Family Care franchisees, we have been able to bring quality healthcare to millions of people in need. Each patient we help – each smile and calm mind we bring to our communities – is another step forward for American Family Care and our franchisees.

Working with a Trusted Franchisor in Health Franchise Opportunities

As the medical field continues to expand, American Family Care continues to grow with it. Ranked No. 115 in the 2018 Entrepreneur 500 after skyrocketing up the rankings over the past three years, American Family Care has earned its reputation as a trusted franchisor.

People trust American Family Care because of the breadth of services that we offer. American Family Care isn’t just a place for gauze and bandages. We offer affordable and accessible quality care to our patients. Whether its vaccinations and lab tests or x-rays and physicals, American Family Care offers many services, accepts most national and local insurance plans, and has competitive self-pay options. By looking into health franchise opportunities with American Family Care, you are looking into a franchise that doesn’t cut corners. Good medical care should be thorough and complete, and that’s what we, and our franchisees, pride ourselves on.

To learn more about health franchise opportunities with American Family Care, contact us today.


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