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Are You Ready to Expand? 3 Great Reasons to Open More Than One American Family Care Franchise

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Opening one American Family Care franchise is an exciting step in your career, so imagine how exciting it can be to open several! One of the best parts about becoming an AFC franchisee is that you have the opportunity to run as many businesses as you can handle, and we’re there to help you every step of the way. We want our franchisees to feel like they can grow to their full potential within our franchise system, and this means giving you room to expand. As an ambitious entrepreneur looking to operate multiple units, you will enjoy multiple revenue streams, the benefits of shared resources, and a sense of fulfillment for providing a much-needed service to not just one community, but many.

What Can I Expect As a Multi-Unit Owner?

Because multi-unit owners enjoy a much broader market than single-unit owners, they also benefit from multiple revenue streams. Many franchisees pursue multi-unit ownership as a way of increasing their profitability and deepening their investment portfolios. Once you’ve started your first American Family Care franchise, you’re comfortable with our business model, and you’ve seen some success, you may feel comfortable opening another. While some franchisees are content to simply open one business, many of our franchise owners are eager to expand their urgent care empire, and serve their surrounding communities as well. Not only does this allow you to reach more patients, but also to increase your profit potential as well.

Pooling Resources

There is certainly a degree of extra work that goes along with opening multiple franchises, but ultimately, managing resources and conducting marketing campaigns is actually easier. Since you’re able to consolidate and share resources — like funds, supplies, and manpower – across all of your locations, you won’t be starting from scratch with each new franchise. More units doesn’t mean more hassle. Promotions, ads, and other marketing strategies can be streamlined across your different units. Owning more than one urgent care center will also set you apart in the healthcare industry, and really give you sense of growth and fulfillment in your career.

What Makes a Multi-Unit Owner?

To own multiple American Family Care franchises, you should be prepared to deal with employees and patients across a range of locations. Of course, you should demonstrate compassion, transparency, and understanding, and be eager to give back to the local community, regardless of how many franchises you own. Staying calm under pressure, and not neglecting any staff members – even though you may feel overextended at times – is particularly important.

Anyone considering multiple franchises should be comfortable thinking in big-picture terms, be comfortable with delegating, have solid networking skills, and a high level of passion and patience. Owning multiple franchises isn’t necessarily more difficult than owning one, but the work required of you will certainly be different. If you’re up to this challenge, you will be in a good position to succeed as a multi-unit franchise owner.

If you’re excited by the prospect of building your own urgent care business empire, reach out to use to learn how to get started.


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