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Why Open Multiple Urgent Care Centers?

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Opening an urgent care center is an exciting step in your career, so imagine how exciting it can be to open multiple urgent care centers. The great thing about American Family Care franchises is that you don’t just have the opportunity to run a single business but as many as you can handle. We want our franchisees to feel like they can grow as much as possible within our franchise system, and this means giving them room to expand. It does take an ambitious entrepreneur to operate multiple units, and you must possess a certain temperament, but those who have been there before know it’s worth it.

What can I expect as a multi-unit owner?

As a multi-unit owner, you will be in charge of owning, operating, staffing, and overseeing training for two or more American Family Care franchise locations, while enjoying a much broader market. Multi-unit franchise owners benefit from multiple revenue streams as well as streamlined business practices throughout each location. You will be able to consolidate and share resources throughout each of your locations and coordinate marketing efforts between them as well. Many franchisees pursue multi-unit ownership as a way of increasing their profitability and deepening their investment portfolios. While there is a certain degree of extra work that goes along with this, it actually makes it easier to manage resources and conduct marketing campaigns.

Since you’re able to pool resources, like funds, supplies, and manpower, you won’t be starting from scratch with each new franchise. More units doesn’t mean more hassle. Promotions, ads, and other marketing strategies can be streamlined across your multiple units. Being able to claim ownership of more than one urgent care center will also set you apart in the healthcare industry.

What Qualities Do I Need to Open an Urgent Care Center?

It does take a certain kind of entrepreneur to be a successful multi-unit owner. Multi-unit urgent care center owners need to be prepared to deal with employees and patients across a range of locations. Like all our franchisees, you should demonstrate compassion, transparency, and understanding and maintain a sense of enthusiasm about giving back to the local community. It’s particularly important to stay calm under pressure and not neglect any staff members.

While owning multiple franchises isn’t necessarily more difficult than owning one, the work required of you will certainly be different. Anyone considering multiple units should be comfortable thinking in big-picture terms, be comfortable with delegating, have solid networking skills, and a high level of passion and patience. If this describes you, you might be well-positioned to succeed as a multiple franchise owner.

If you’re excited by the prospect of owning multiple urgent care franchises, reach out to use to learn how to get started.


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