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Interested in Opening a Medical Franchise Like American Family Care? Why You Don’t Need a Healthcare Background

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Let’s just get this out of the way immediately: You don’t need a medical background if you want to open a medical franchise like an American Family Care urgent care facility. It’s that simple.

We get why that might seem counterintuitive: When it comes to something as serious as taking care of people’s health, you’d think you should probably be specially trained with degrees and licenses to do so. Of course, you should be. But we’re not advocating for our business owners to be the incredible life savers and difference makers that doctors, nurses, and other medical specialists are. We just want qualified candidates to be the best business owners they can be.

Think of it this way: If you were investing in a restaurant franchise, would you make yourself the head chef? If you were investing in real estate, are you going to re-do the plumbing and electrical yourself, or hire a professional to do it?

At your current job, what does the owner do? His or her job responsibilities are probably a little bit different than providing the services that your company offers. They’ll be related in some way, sure, but the owner isn’t doing the nitty gritty and getting their hands dirty in every aspect of the business. They’re hiring executives, managers, and entry-level employees to delegate tasks to. The business simply wouldn’t be able to run if they didn’t; there’s just too much to do.

So why should it be any different when investing in a medical franchise?

Why do people confuse opening an urgent care facility with needing some type of medical expertise? As we mentioned previously, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that in such an overwhelmingly detailed and specific field with such a vital responsibility (you know, the health of another human being) at stake, that we as a population would just generally assume that it would help to have a medical background to run a medical facility.

And don’t get us wrong – it can and does. But it’s by no means necessary.

At its core, American Family Care is still a business. The doctors, nurses, specialists, and everyone else who works at the facility have managers or superiors they report to, they have reviews, they get paid salaries, and they have responsibilities beyond just walking into an observation room and asking how long you’ve had your cough or if it hurts when they touch the spot. And in order for that business to run properly, someone has to have the business smarts to make it happen.

Think about it: Doctors aren’t trained in business practices. They aren’t filing payroll, running marketing campaigns, making sales calls, etc. You wouldn’t expect your marketing team to give a physical exam, so why should your doctors be running an ad campaign?

You see what we’re getting at here?

Of course, that doesn’t mean someone with a medical background can’t be an American Family Care owner as well. By all means, if a qualified candidate with a business-savvy mindset and a healthy, entrepreneurial approach happens to also have experience and training in the medical field, they certainly won’t be turned away for their expertise.

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Medical Franchise Owner?

Ultimately, though, we’re looking for potential franchisees who see the qualities of successful business owners in themselves, and have the drive and capital to make an investment in a medical franchise and lead a business in a booming industry.

Interested in learning more about becoming an American Family Care franchisee? Contact us today to speak with a representative and take the next step along your franchising journey.


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