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What will I receive as part of the AFC franchise system?

Prior to opening your urgent care franchise, you will complete a half week training program at our headquarters and have assistance at your location at the time of your opening. You’ll also receive, among other things, a detailed operating manual, the rights to use our trademarks, and the license to utilize the American Family Care operating model and access to vendor resources at nationally negotiated rates.

Do I need prior industry experience?

No, you don’t necessarily need experience in medical care. We look for franchisees that have business management and sales skills and a desire to make a difference in people’s lives, though physicians may also find American Family Care a great business.

What is the initial franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is $55,000. This fee funds our pre-opening support of your operation, including your initial headquarters-based training and on-site assistance.

How much is the initial investment?

Total initial investment in your medical clinic franchise is estimated to be between $807,500 and $1,434,000, which includes the franchise fee of $55,000. As with any new business venture, it’s important that you have adequate working capital. Please see our investment page to review more detailed financial information.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term of your AFC franchise agreement is 15 years, with four optional subsequent 5-year renewal terms.

Are there ongoing fees paid to American Family Care?

Franchisees will be required to pay a royalty of 6% based on revenue. The royalty helps to fund the continued development of new products and systems upgrades.

Are there any advertising fees?

Franchisees will be required to spend at least $1,000 per month in their local market after the initial Grand Opening. Funds are used to develop marketing strategies to promote the American Family Care brand and fund the creative costs to develop local franchise marketing materials. Additionally, a contribution of 1% of revenue is to be paid to the marketing fund which funds general marketing activities and resources that benefit all franchise locations nationally.

Is financing available?

No direct financing is available through American Family Care.

What training will I receive?

American Family Care will provide a multi-day detailed training session prior to the time of your opening plus on-site assistance as you initiate operations. There is no additional charge for this training service but you must pay any travel and living expenses while attending the training at our offices. See our training page for additional details.

What about ongoing support?

We will continue to provide ongoing support services to you by phone, email, and periodic on-site visits to your location. We will also provide you with access to our online support website. Plus, we regularly update our operations manual with new procedures and other information designed to improve operations for all franchisees. There is support and training available for your operations, medical, marketing, and other personnel.

How much money can I make?

This is a good question and a common one for anyone evaluating a business investment. As you’ve read, the market for our services is quite large and growing on a daily basis. Earnings are a function of how quickly and efficiently you wish to grow the business. We encourage you to submit our online information request and we can review these details with you during our “discovery” process. Additional information is provided in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which can be provided after submitting the franchise information request form.

How do I get started?

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