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Health Franchise Investment

Compared to other franchise systems or purchasing a business, we offer a financially competitive solution for you to start a business of your own, whether as a single unit or as an area developer in an entire metropolitan area. Urgent Care facilities meet an important need for people struggling with a minor injury or illness who don’t want to put up with lengthy emergency room wait times. They also help keep emergency rooms less crowded with non-emergency cases so that doctors have more time to dedicate to those facing true emergencies. Best of all, patients love that they can receive treatment at an urgent care facility for less money than they would spend at an ER, making urgent care clinics a popular choice among consumers. As an American Family Care franchise owner, you’ll find that this is an extraordinary opportunity in a growing market.

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Here’s a look at the numbers:

Initial Investment

Investing in an urgent care franchise with AFC is a great way to break into the healthcare franchise industry. The total initial investment is estimated to be between $883,500 – $1,362,000,  which includes the franchise fee of $60,000.

Ongoing royalty

Our royalty fee is 6% of gross sales on an ongoing basis. This royalty fee will entitle you to operate under the AFC brand name, as well as to the ongoing support we’re proud to offer our franchisees.

Net Worth Requirements

In order to be considered for an AFC franchise, you should have a net worth of at least $1,200,000 and liquid cash of $550,000. This will help to ensure that you’re well-prepared to nurture your new business during the initial few months when you’re still establishing a customer base.

Converting an Existing Urgent Care Facility

If you are converting an existing urgent care facility to be an AFC center, the total estimated initial investment ranges from $109,000 to $218,000. This includes an initial fee of $27,500.

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AFC Investment Breakdown: The Opportunity Outweighs the Numbers