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Training & Support


Whether you’re a new or experienced owner of an American Family Care franchise, proper training is one of the most important components of making your business successful. AFC works to provide high-quality franchise training and support to introduce new owners to our business, as well as ongoing training to ensure continued adherence to best practices.

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For New Owners

Once your franchise is awarded, you will begin our pre-opening process.

This process includes important tasks for opening your franchise which are tied to crucial training objectives. Training in our time-tested methodology and culture will begin on day one, and continue through a two-and-a-half-day corporate training experience in Birmingham, Alabama. Your initial training will culminate in an on-site visit by one of our experts to ensure that you’re correctly applying everything you’ve learned.

Ongoing Development

Training doesn’t end after you open your business.

We believe that the entire AFC team benefits when training and professional development occur on a regular, ongoing basis. That’s why we offer continued education via access to conferences, webinars, conference calls, written modules and other media so our AFC franchise owners can learn according to their own schedules. We also provide module-based training to our center staff so that they can enhance their skills and continue to deliver the level of excellent patient care that AFC clinics are known for.

These are just a few of the ways we work to provide high-quality franchise training and support to our franchisees. If you’re dedicated to learning the process of operating one of our franchises, you have just the right attitude to become a franchisee!

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